Gluten-free Croustipate

DHC_Food Experience has launched a range of gluten-free fresh pastry dough: a first in the Portuguese market. In collaboration with acclaimed French brand Croustipate, the range – which includes short crust pastry, puff pastry and pizza bases – is available from the beginning of December in selected retailers.


The range is specifically aimed at people with gluten intolerance who don’t want to do without the original taste and texture of beloved pies, quiche or pizza. It is also designed for consumers who intend to sustain a balanced diet, by reducing or removing gluten from their daily regimen.


Present in grains such as wheat, rye and barley, gluten is the staple of many of the most loved dishes. However, despite general disagreement regarding gluten’s benefits and downfalls within the scientific community, the number of people who describe increased wellbeing when adopting a gluten-free diet has come to increase. Sales of gluten-free products reflect this trend, and in 2016, these figures are predicted to exceed 12,6 million euros, double the figures for the 5 previous years (Público, 22.02.2015).


With the marketing/commercialization of this range – that will soon be joined by gluten free, organic gnocchi and blinis – DHC-Food Experience predicts current consumption trends and keeps its promise: offering delicious, healthy products that provide moments of pure pleasure.